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Our extra virgin olive oil is made with care and nothing but our self-certified organic olives picked directly from olive trees in the Valle d’Itria and quickly cold-pressed using modern technology.

Inspired by traditional small-scale agroecology we strive to learn how to take better care of our biodiversity and the health of the soil in this time of pathogens and environmental changes.

Our olive varieties are mostly Oliva rossa, Coratina, Leccino and Cima di Melfi, with a few centuries-old Ogliarola and Cellina di Nardò trees scattered among the terraced hills or the dry-stone trulli, and you can join us in caring for these olive trees and for the landscape of Puglia by paying a fair price for our olive oil.

This year we have produced four different olive oils:


The first olive oil of the year, from olives picked at the end of October.
Made with Oliva rossa, Coratina, Ogliarola and Cellina di Nardò
Cold-pressed at the Convertini oil mill in Locorotondo (BA)

Acidity: 0.15%| Peroxides 7.0 meqO2/kg


The olive oil of the Valle d’Itria, from olives picked in November.
Made with Oliva rossa, Coratina, Cima di Melfi and Leccino
Cold-pressed at the Convertini oil mill in Locorotondo (BA)

Acidity: 0.18%| Peroxides 7.0 meqO2/kg

“Rosa L.”

A late-November olive oil from the trees that grow around our trulli.
Made with Oliva rossa and Coratina
Cold-pressed at Il Frantolio D’Amico oil mill in Cisternino (BR)

Acidity: 0.23%| Peroxides 7.5 meqO2/kg


A blend of our extra virgin olive oil from 2020 and 2021.
Perfect for cooking and for those tastes more used to commercial olive oils.
Cold-pressed at Convertini oil mill in Locorotondo (BA)

Acidity: 0.45%| Peroxides 18.4 meqO2/kg

Small print:

100% extra virgin olive oil produced in Puglia.

The allocation of the different varieties of olives and the shipping times are hypothetical.

Our olive oil is “self-certified organic” since we believe that it is those who pollute the world that should bear a “certificate” – and pay to do so.

We actively encourage you to come see for yourself how we make our olive oil
and to come pick olives with us next year | ifr