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In theory, making olive oil is quite simple: the olives are harvested from the trees and brought to an oil mill, where they ground using heavy machinery and then processed to extract the oil. And yet, this process can happen in many different ways, depending on the type of machinery, on local traditions or financial considerations, and especially on how good an olive oil one wants to make, which often comes at the expense of quantity.

But this fundamental choice is not the only factor that determines the quality of an olive oil. Then there are the olives: from what variety of olive tree, in what kind of season, how they were harvested or how late into their ripening process, and in what state they are by the time they finally get into the machines. The third factor is the degree of conservation of the oil. As opposed to wine, olive oil can be immediately consumed, but just as quickly begins its decay, losing its sensorial and nutritional qualities over time, which makes proper storage – away from air, light or heat – so important.

Here in the Valle d’Itria we are blessed with an abundance of olive trees that make excellent olives, which we grow organically and harvest ourselves – directly from the trees and early in the season, sacrificing yield for quality. We also have the opportunity to work with small-scale, professional oil mills that use the latest technology to produce high-quality, extra-virgin olive oils.

This is why small producers like us can, with a lot of effort and some luck, make the best olive oil in the world, and why all those who have joined us in making it will tell you tales about returning home from the oil mill, to try the green, olive juice that tickles your tongue and tastes like an idealized version of olive oil.

In terms of sheer quality, fresh extra-virgin olive oil is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the oil you buy in the supermarket – more often than not a “blend” of various oils of dubious origins – and while it is quite bitter and admittedly not for everyone’s taste, it is also what is known as a nutraceutical, a food so good for your body that it can be regarded as a natural medicine.

This year, we would like to try and share as much as possible of this unique experience with you, and we invite you to buy now our fresh, extra-virgin olive oil, which we will send to you within days from production.

You will be able to experience olive oil in a completely new way, and you will also support this year’s olive harvest in a practical manner, boosting our morale and allowing us to cover the many expenses involved in making good olive oil and in taking care of our olive trees in these difficult times.

The first oil of the year

A balanced oil made with the Oliva rossa typical of the Valle d’Itria together with the Ogliarola and Cellina di Nardò from our centuries-old olive trees.

0.75 litres glass bottle: 15 euros
2 litres
aluminium box: 40 euros
3 litres
bag-in-box: 60 euros

Shipping costs depend on quantity and packaging, and for six bottles they usually amount to something like 10 euros for Italy and 40 euros for Europe.

You can order our fresh, organic, extra-virgin olive oil by sending us an email at